Why You Should Use a Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether you are a world-leading tech company, an up-and-coming startup, or a small business purely focused on making its products or services more affordable, using digital marketing tools and methods is essential to reaching your target market. Although the scope of digital marketing seems almost endless, for most businesses it’s still fairly uncomplicated: You take content — either original material or user-friendly blog posts, videos, and Tweets — and create various filters and effects to turn it into a targeted audience that will buy your product or watch your video. In the digital world of today, that’s all there is to it. There are no physical boundaries between consumers and brands any more. With the help of digital marketing automation tools such as Google AdWords and Facebook ads integration with other social media platforms and sites like Instagram, you can directly reach your target market without having to worry about converting potential customers through traditional sales channels.

Why Use a Digital Marketing Strategy?

As we’ve discussed, the best-case scenario for any business is that it has a consistent, high-quality content strategy that attracts new leads and sales. What’s more, it must be easily accessible to a large audience for consumption. By creating a digital strategy that revolves around creating content that is accessible and useful to your target audience, you not only create an engaging brand experience for customers, but also a method for growing your business organically.

Content is King

While SEO and PPC are still very helpful for brands that sell through traditional channels, it’s important to remember that your online success is directly associated with the quality of the content you create. With that in mind, you need to do more than just create ads and generate sales: You have to create engaging content that converts visitors into leads and sales. To make your website content visible and useful to your target audience, you should have a content strategy in place. In order to make sure your posts are useful, you should consider their audience and their needs. By using content that helps your visitors grow their business organically, you make it more difficult for Google to penalize you for lower-quality content.

SEO and PPC are not mutually exclusive

Although both SEO and PPC are still helpful in certain situations, it’s important to remember that the best use of your digital marketing dollars is not only to integrate both strategies, but also to ignore their limitations. In some industries, for example, it makes more sense to completely ignore both SEO and PPC, as both of them are set in stone and will likely continue to be monitored and penalized by Google. On the other hand, in industries where it makes more sense to target both search terms and ads, it can be a good idea to include both in your digital marketing strategy.

The Power of Video

Although video is not considered a highly impactful form of digital marketing, it has its place in the digital marketing strategy as well. By using video as a tool, you can reach your target audience, especially if they are interested in a topic that you are expert in. The most effective ways to do that is through video content creation. When it comes to creating video content, there are a few important factors that you need to keep in mind: Keep it short — Ideally, videos under 1 minute long are sufficient to get your point across. Keep it interesting — Don’t be afraid to vary the topic and tone of your videos, as long as it’s related to your brand — including creating mood boards and brainstorming ways to incorporate your favorite messages or experiences in the videos. Make it engaging — Not only does video need to be watchable, but it also needs to be engaging and interesting — not just static and uninteresting.

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you need to do in order to create and distribute high-quality content, it’s time to get started. We’ve created a comprehensive guide to digital marketing that will help you create a plan for boosting your online presence. With the right digital marketing strategy in place, you should see your online presence and reach increase dramatically. What’s more, with a few minor adjustments, you can even start to generate sales from your online presence. Not only that, but you’ll also be placing yourself in a much better position to take advantage of emerging digital marketing trends and techniques. Keep in mind that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get things going. By following this guide, you’ll learn how to create a digital strategy that works for you.

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