Why Kundli Matching Is Important For Marriage?

For centuries, Kundli or horoscope matching, has been deemed among the key aspects of Hindu marriages. Talk to astrologer in person or online to know more about Kundli matching or Kundli Milan.

The conventional approach to marriages focuses on Kundli matching for horoscope matching to have a good marital life in the future. However, we see a lot of marriages in India accepted by Kundli matching don’t work well in future, whereas lots of marriages not following the Kundli matching tradition are successful. Hence, the following questions disturb many sensible minds for a very long time:

1.      Can Kundli matching assure a successful marital life?

2.      Is Kundli matching important for love marriage?

In Detail about Kundli Matching

At the time of Kundli matching, the natal chart of the groom and bride are matched to determine whether they will have a happy marital life or not. Ashtakoota matching is the major task at the time of Kundli matching; it reflects 36 points between both the bride’s and the groom’s Kundli. The marriage will be a success if 18 or more points are matched. If the matched points are below 18, the marriage isn’t accepted by astrology.

What Is Not Included In Kundli Matching?

As the points during Ashta-Koota are matched, there are many vital factors that most astrology experts neglect. These can be the lifespan of the bride/groom, the quality of marital life, and the pledge of children in both Kundlis. However, they consider a few factors.

Birth charts, the connection of the Lords of the sixth and seventh houses, and combinations like the distressed seventh house and Venus can show unfortunate events, and they mustn’t be neglected. Thus, we can’t always assume that the Kundli matching is carried out accurately by the best astrologers.

Kundli Matching For Love Marriage

Kundli matching is crucial for love marriages, too. Even though the pair typically wants to ignore this because of possible negative outcomes, this can actually aid them in preventing forthcoming troubles. Since Kundli matching too has remedies for the troubles through many Pujas, it simply assists and makes the relationship sturdier. For free Kundli matching, you can visit online and talk to astrologer.

Doshas in Kundli Matching

1.      Pitra Dosha

2.      Mangal Dosha

3.      Guru Chandal Dosha

4.      Nadi Dosha

5.      Kaal Sarpa Dosha

6.      Angarak Dosha

7.      Gandmool Dosha

8.      Putra Dosha

9.      Shani Dosha

10.  Shrapit Dosha

Dealing With Negative Dosha in Horoscope

Any Dosha in your Kundli is an outcome of your own Karma. Thus, an individual requires a Karma correction over any customs or solutions in the current life. There are both negative Dosha and positive Yoga that can’t change. How can one handle such negative Dosha and calm negative Dosha?

If one is aware of any Dosha in their Kundli, they must not visit an astrologer hoping a custom or series of customs will let go them from the influence of such Dosha.

One should talk to an astrologer regarding which house, planet, or combination is liable for this Dosha in your horoscope.

If you find Doshas in your Kundli that are rooted in fixed happenings of the past, there are gochar, Dasha, planetary transits, and your free will to ease the effect of such Doshas. Therefore, the best way to handle negative Doshas in Kundli is to be wary of which of your actions resulted in such Doshas and how you can mend upon those actions in your current life. This is the sole method to calm negative Doshas in any Kundli.

Kundli Dosh on Marriage

Kundli Dosh is one or more serious flaws in the Kundli Milan of two individuals looking to get hitched. Following are the most common Kundli Doshas in marriage:

1.      Bhakut Dosh

This Kundli Dosh affects married life by making the couple infertile and lessening the likelihood of childbirth. The effects of this Kundli Dosh can stay for a long period throughout the marital life. Also, it can have an impact on other aspects, such as lifespan, shared happiness of the duo, and general financial status within the family.  

2.      Mangal Dosh

As per live astrology, this is the most prevalent Kundli Dosh. However, it is highly dreaded between the various types of Kundli Dosh instances. It occurs if Mars is found in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth houses of one’s horoscope. Based on the situation of Mars, the relative situations of other planetary bodies, the way other planetary bodies interact with Mars, it can be high or low.

Death of the partner, an undefined delay in marriage, recurrent frictions in the family, and troubled marital life are some effects of Mangal Dosh on marriage.


Quite a few instances of Kundli Dosh can have a really serious influence that stays for a long period in marital life. If you want to know the remedies to lower the influence of Kundli Dosh, search online for “the best astrologer for my astrology chart.”


During Kundli Milan, 36 points are said to be studied matching horoscopes of two individuals. At least 18 or more points should be matched for a successful marriage. 

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