What Is An Experimental Research? Its Purpose And Types

Research is a process of investigation to discover something. Research plays an important role in expanding the horizon of knowledge. There are no boundaries or restrictions for the selection of fields. Whatever your study area is, you can do research in that. It includes engineering, medical, art, designing and all other fields. Furthermore, there are different types of research, such as descriptive, experimental, correlation and comparative research. Every type of research performs a particular purpose. The most commonly used type of research is experimental research. This research type works well to get insights into the topic that is under discussion. Hence in the light of its importance, this article aims to discuss different aspects of experimental research.

What is Experimental Research?

The type of research in which you have to use scientific approaches is named as experimental research. It is best to identify the cause and effect of something. From a broader perspective, there are two types of research. The first one is qualitative, while the second one is quantitative. In most of the time, quantitative research uses the experimental method. In this, you have to design some variables based on your research problem. The designed variables assist in finding the cause and effect. The variables of experimental research are mentioned below:

  • Dependent variable
  • Independent variable
  • Extraneous variable
  • Confounding variable

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What is the purpose of experimental research?

Whenever you have to come up with a hypothesis, you are supposed to go for experimental research. The purpose of it is to identify if the designed hypothesis is correct or not. In the same way, you may have to do research on some innovative ideas. In this case, experiments finalise if the claim of an idea is realistic or not. Furthermore, this research type is best to find a relation between two different variables. While doing research, you have to be very careful in designing a variable as either dependent or independent. In simple words, the purpose of experimental research is to define a logical relation between two or more variables in the form of cause and effect.

The recommendation based on experimental research is considered as very precise. This research type performs very well in addressing all of the ‘what-if’ type problems. It has different types that are classified based on the experimental conditions.

What are the types of Experimental Research?

There are three main types of experimental research. All of three types play an important role in the investigation process. Based on available data and objective of the research, you are supposed to select one particular type. There are many researches in which you can see the use of more than one type of experimental research. The purpose of using more than one type is to increase the level of accuracy in research. Sometimes the objective of the research is only achievable when you ensure more than one type. That is how scenarios vary as per the current situation. These types are named as below:

  • Lab Experiment
  • Field Experiment
  • Natural Experiment

Let’s discuss these types briefly.

Lab Experiment

Lab experiments are considered as the most difficult one. In this type of experiment, everything demands for controlled conditions. A little negligence can ruin all of your efforts. Without controlled conditions, you cannot measure value accurately. In lab experiments, it is necessary to have all the required apparatus and standards of experiments. There are different standards available for lab experimental research. If you do not follow standards, you will not get precise values. Once you follow all standards and conditions, the end results are considered as an authentic one. It works well to identify the cause and effect relations between different parameters. In the same way, the data and end results that are obtained through lab experiments are easy to replicate.

Field Experiment

A field experiment is the second type of experimental research. The best thing about this research is that it does not demand for any controlled condition. You have to do all of such experiments in a normal environment. In lab experiments, you cannot show real-life scenarios. Sometimes you get extremely ideal results that are not possible to achieve in real life. If we talk about field experiments, it exactly replicates real life. Field experiments can be so interesting for some researchers. In it, you can try different alternatives to one experiment.

In the same way, you get the chance to see how the real world differs from the theoretical world. As field experiments can be done with different alternative methods, so you may have to face biasness in end results. Thus, you have to be very careful while doing field experiments. If there is biasness, then it would not be suitable for other researchers to use data for further research.

Natural Experiment

Natural experiment is the easiest type of experimental research. In this type of research, you do not have to control any variable. The dependent as well as independent variables are free from any controlled condition. All of the end results are obtained under natural everyday conditions. In a natural experiment, it is necessary for the researcher to have strong observational skills. If you compare field and natural experiments, you will find the natural one as the most accurate one. It is considered as one of the best types of experimental research. You do not have to put much effort into it. With so many pros, there are some cons to natural experiments. If you are running short with time, it is preferable not to go for it. The reason behind this is that it takes a very long time. Because of a long time, you may have to invest more in experimentation.

Final Thoughts

Just like other research types, experimental research also has a particular role to perform. In quantitative research, you come up with data in numeric form. This numerical data can be used to do experiments. Besides, you can get numeric data after performing experiments. Experimental research is the best way to learn about real life.

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