What gyms can do to wow future and current members

For those owning or running health and fitness facilities, the tough times during the pandemic have been an important wake-up call as to whether they are truly providing value to their members. In this article, we’re looking at the things that will make your gym stand out in the post-pandemic world.

With constant lockdowns, restrictions, and other constraints, they needed to be agile to be able to continue to remain competitive. In a survey conducted in December 2021 by gym management software provider, Resamania, only 5% of gym goers reported that their experience had improved during the time of the pandemic. For many (almost 40%), their experience was much worse than they were used to. 

Insights were also drawn from that survey about what people expect from the health and fitness facilities now that life is starting to return to normal. If you want to ensure that your gym is a destination of choice going forward, we encourage you to take the following points to heart. 

Booking and access to your gym should be simple

Access to all facilities, and in particular health and fitness, became quite a process due to the need to screen for possible Covid conditions. In many facilities, temperatures were taken at the door, and you had to declare that you had not had contact with anyone displaying symptoms every time you entered. 

Now, people expect to be able to access and use facilities easily and quickly. Beyond that, they want to be able to book classes or activities online. This was one element that was generally improved because of the pandemic. Many gyms had to improve their online profile to assist people with booking. This is now the expectation going forward and you should ensure you’re using the right gym management software to create the best experience for your members. 

Hygiene is important, but it shouldn’t be disruptive

Even before the pandemic, well-run gyms followed strict hygiene and cleanliness routines. These were needed to be stepped up even beyond this point to provide assurance that facilities were safe. 

While many gym-goers appreciated and understood the necessity of these increased cleaning standards, now it’s important to not let them become disruptive to your environment. Gym goers don’t want their routines and space to be constantly disrupted. Now it is time to find that balance between hygiene and disruption. 

Increased operating hours and capacity 

This is a point that almost doesn’t warrant mentioning, but it was highlighted by survey respondents. There is no reason or excuse to continue to operate on reduced hours or under capacity. Across the world, most countries are relaxing restrictions and fitness centres will benefit greatly. 

Many people are looking forward to hearing the thrum and buzz from a busy gym again. Don’t forget to let your members know that times and capacity have gone back to normal. You would be surprised how many times this simple communication doesn’t get to your clients. 

A gym is also a social destination 

For many people, a gym isn’t just where they go to keep fit; it’s also a critical part of their social life. Whether that’s attending classes together or having a coffee in the foyer with friends. 

As a gym owner or manager, you want to ensure your facility is a warm and welcoming space. This is a fantastic way to provide extra “value” to your members. 

Fitness technology must be embraced 

There’s been a revolution in fitness technology over the last few years. Now almost everyone is using some kind of fitness tracker to keep watch of their overall stats. This presents a terrific opportunity for gyms to assist their members further with their fitness journey. 

You want to ensure that your equipment can interface with gym goers’ devices so that they can track effectively. This then gives you the opportunity to drive inventive programmes based on meeting goals or attendance. You can also utilise apps and online platforms to provide tailored exercise programmes or other support. To do this effectively, you want to ensure your gym management software is up to the task of keeping track of all the required stats and metrics. 

If you ensure you’re at the front of the technology revolution, you will set yourself far apart from your competitors. 

Are you ready for the future?

When it comes to the future of gyms, there is a lot to be enthusiastic about. With life returning to a pre-pandemic state, you have the opportunity to bring in new members and wow current ones. Make sure that you take up this opportunity by implementing the above points. 

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