What do you mean by a UK ancestry visa and how to apply for it?

What do you mean by a UK ancestry visa?

The visa will enable the holders to reside, study, and work in the UK while bringing their dependent household members along with them as well. It’s meant for Commonwealth and British Overseas nationals and citizens having a grandparent born in the UK. The visa will allow the holders to remain in the country for a period of 5 years initially once it is granted. After that period is completed, it will be possible for the visa holders to make an application for indefinite leave to stay also referred to as permanent settlement.

Eligibility requirements for the ancestry visa

You need to do the following to be entitled to the UK ancestry visa:

• Your age should be at least 17 years.

• The application must be made from outside the UK.

• You have to be a British overseas citizen, Commonwealth citizen, a citizen of Zimbabwe, a British national (overseas), or British overseas territories citizen.

• Must make plans to work in the UK.

• Be capable of proving that at least one of your grandparents had been born in the UK, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands.

What documents will you require to provide along with the ancestry visa application?

It will be imperative to provide the subsequent documents for entering the UK on this visa mentioned here.

• Proof that you have got adequate funds for supporting yourself plus your family members.

• A passport or any other travel document.

• Your tuberculosis test results, if applicable.

• Proof that you are making plans to work in the United Kingdom, for example, any business plan in case you happen to be self-employed or job offers received by you.

How to make an application for a UK ancestry visa?

The process of application for the visa is as follows:

• Upload any documents needed for supporting your case.

• The completion of the online visa application form must be performed prior to traveling to the UK. It will be imperative for every single dependent to apply separately for joining you in the UK.

• Make a payment of the application charges, BRP charges, plus healthcare surcharge.

• Make an appointment with an ancestry visa application center in the country where you are residing. You will need the appointment for enrolling your biometrics (your fingerprints and photo) that will be utilized for your BRP (biometric residence permit).

After making the application, you can hope to receive a decision within a period of 3 weeks.

What is the cost of the ancestry visa?

You will need to make a payment of £516 for entry clearance with the ancestry visa, unlike the divorce process UK charges which happens to be £593. Besides making payment for the visa application, it will also be imperative to pay the IHS (Immigration Healthcare Surcharge) as a part of the application for enabling you to make use of the National Health Service after residing in the UK. The calculation of the IHS will be done based on the amount of leave granted, usually at the rate of £624 every year.

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