Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt is a third-person shooter developed and distributed by Sharkmob AB. It’s a battle royale game with a gothic aesthetic that fits well in with the World of Darkness setting.

There’s no attempt to turn the pen and paper role-playing system into a video game as Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong does, which is why Bloodhunt is set in the Vampire: The Masquerade scenario. Even though there are many separate political organizations within the vampire community, they all adhere to a version of the “Masquerade,” which rules vampire concealment, in the world of Vampire: The Masquerade. When someone breaks the rule, they will be subjected to a Blood Seek, in which all vampires are legally allowed to seek and kill the culprit. For example, in Prague’s Old Town district, where the Second Inquisition has released a red gas that destroys undead flesh, vampires strive for dominance, like in Bloodhunt.

Each round can have up to 45 participants, and the goal is to have a three-person team survive or be the last vampire remaining. In addition to a handgun and fists, the player has access to other weapons caches across the city, which include firearms and melee weapons of varying rankings. In addition to the ability to mount walls like Spider-Man, all vampires have a “sense” ability that works like a radar to expose weapon stockpiles and nearby mortals. As the game goes, the players become more and more entwined in the crimson fog.

Free-to-play game Bloodhunt provides cosmetics as its premium features, all of which go well with The Matrix or Underworld series. Seven unique archetypes are available in Bloodhunt, each based on a Vampire: The Masquerade clan. For close combat, the Brujah Brute and Vandal excel; the Toreador Siren and Muse have healing and teleportation powers; the Nosferatu Saboteur and Prowler have invisibility and trap-based skills; and the new Ventrue Enforcer is exceptionally durable. Players may customize their character’s appearance and passives by upgrading their archetypes, which unlocks new starting benefits.

Players must also take special care of the game’s mortals. Prague is full with normal people who may be fed on for total healing and an added benefit. If another mortal observes you feeding on another mortal or if you murder someone else in the game, you’ll be put on Blood Hunt for one minute and will be visible to all of your enemies, regardless of where you are in the world. Feeding on the dead increases the player’s vulnerability and triggers an automatic Blood Hunt that will bring all nearby foes to the player’s position.

In Bloodhunt, the player must contend with rival players, mortals, and a PVE component in the form of Second Inquisition forces defending high-tier treasures scattered across the region. An satisfying battle royale experience may be had thanks to a well-balanced mix of gameplay elements. While large-scale battle royale games like Fortnite may get monotonous as players establish bases all over the map, the smaller Prague map guarantees that players are always engaged and have opportunity to improve their position while risking their necks.

For the most part, Bloodhunt’s respawn mechanism is the best. An additional life and a resurrected mid-tier weapon are included in the default Bloodhunt option. This is the most popular way to play the game. The excess life can also be replenished by feeding on mortals with a red aura, although they can only hold one spare at a time. As a result, gamers are able to wreak revenge on those who have wronged them over a longer period of time. In Bloodhunt, there is a lot less waiting in lines since it is possible to stay in games for longer, and trying to stay ahead of the curve and find a mortal who can grant an additional life adds another degree of effort to the game.

Bloodhunt’s star is Prague. In addition to rooftops to scale, subterranean rooms to hide in, and alleyways full of riches, the geography offers a broad range of gaming choices.. One of Bloodhunt’s best features is its vertical gameplay, which allows players to race up walls and leap long distances. Quickness and accuracy are therefore emphasized in the game. Gothic architecture makes it easy for snipers to hide, allowing them to attack from any angle. Since Prague’s streets are teeming with deadly weapons and human prey, Bloodhunt is both dangerous and lucrative. However, any action might result in the player being shot to death, since enemies lurk in every nook and cranny.

A few glitches plague the PC version of Bloodhunt upon launch. The PS5 version of the game suffers from a recurring issue that hinders the player from savoring the game’s meaty morsels. Bloodhunt’s melee weapons and builds are currently too strong and need to be reined in. This is the most important issue at the moment. The Brujah/Ventrue followers take much too long to activate melee-based vampire powers in a game of lightning-fast vampires.

As soon as Bloodhunt was announced, Vampire: The Masquerade enthusiasts were concerned since the tabletop RPG’s setting is incompatible with a battle royale mode of play. How closely does Bloodhunt resemble the setting of Vampire: The Masquerade? There isn’t, but it’s still a lot of fun to do. Super-powered gothic vampire combat royale, Bloodhunt, has a darker tone and faster-paced action than previous games.

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