Tajweed for Kids: How to Instill a Love for Reciting the Quran

What if I told you that, by the end of today, your child will love reciting the Quran Classes? That’s right, in just one day, I can have your child memorizing verses of the holy book and reciting them perfectly after only an hour of practice! In this Tajweed class, you’ll learn how to instill a love for reciting the Quran from an early age and help your child learn to recite the Quran faster than ever before! Don’t delay – sign up today!


Isn’t it incredible how a three-year-old can recite Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with such ease, yet when you give him or her something of real value, he or she can barely spit out two letters? It’s quite frustrating. That is why parents around the world are looking into ways that they can instill a love for reciting Allah’s book in their child early on in life.

What are the benefits of tajweed?

Tajweed is, first and foremost, about recitation. When you recite a letter incorrectly it can change an entire word’s meaning. Many beginning readers will read love as loathe, cancel as calendar, and so on.

Who should learn tajweed?

The short answer is everyone who wants to learn Qur’an. If you are Muslim and want to be able to recite Qur’an correctly and gain immense reward, learning tajweed will be essential. For Muslims who want their children reciting Qur’an perfectly, it becomes doubly important.

Best Methods for Learning Tajweed

The best methods vary from student to student and from parent to parent. While it is important that you implement a course method, it is equally as important that you understand your child’s or your learning style and tailor it accordingly. For example, if your child learns better through visuals then creating a PowerPoint presentation of Tajweed rules would be beneficial in teaching them those rules. If they learn better through repetition then teaching them with flashcards might be the best way to teach them. There are many other ways you can customize this class and make it work for you & your children, but there are some general guidelines below to help with implementing this program into your lives.

Understanding What Tajweed Means and Why it is Important

Tajweed is often translated as Arabic Grammar but it is so much more than that. Tajweed, in its simplest form, refers to how you recite and articulate words when reciting Quranic Arabic.

The Basics of Tajweed

Tajweed is an Arabic word meaning to improve or to rectify. Its rules are those that are used in reading and reciting the Quran, which were prescribed by Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم and taught by him to his companions. By following these rules, one can ensure correct pronunciation of each letter and each word, maximizing comprehension and memorization as well as beautifying one’s recitation of God’s words.

The Benefits of Reciting in Arabic

Why it is Recommended that we Learn Tajweed: Learning Arabic and reciting from memory will be much easier once your child understands a few key components of Arabic pronunciation. That’s where learning Tajweed comes in. It will allow your child to understand the why behind all those marks above certain letters in the text. But why should you encourage your child to learn Tajweed? Here are just a few reasons!

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