Star Wars The Force Unleashed Switch

Action-adventure video game Star Wars The Force Unleashed developed by Krome Studios and published by Aspyr for the Nintendo Switch. Too a time, being a Sith apprentice is fun, but The Force Unleashed’s Switch version is a little too short and unpleasant to keep you amused for long.

The Force Unleashed takes place in the interim between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Darth Vader takes up a hidden apprentice named Starkiller as part of a plot to assassinate Emperor Palpatine. Sith apprentice Starkiller is sent on secret missions across the galaxy to slay Stormtroopers and any who oppose the Imperial regime. One of Starkiller’s missions leads him to learn about a plan to organize a resistance organization against the Empire, which forces him to choose a side.

There are no long-range weaponry in The Force Unleashed, but the player can use Force powers like seizing an enemy, throwing the lightsaber, or unleashing Force Lightning. Lightsabers can block most blaster shots, but they are no match for AoE weapons like flamethrowers or other powerful weaponry. Linear layouts of corridors and rooms form the majority of the game’s stages, with certain sections requiring Starkiller to defeat particular numbers of foes or a miniboss before progressing.

Because it’s based on the Wii version, The Force Unleashed for Nintendo Switch has motion controls. As seen in the most recent The House of the Dead Remake, the Joy-Cons are unable to match the Wiimote’s capability. That means that while Starkiller is evading blaster fire while attempting to use Force skills, utilizing the motion controls is a real pain. Traditional methods of control can be used, which are significantly more successful.

The visuals of the Nintendo Wii game have been ported to the Nintendo Switch version as well. Even though the Wii version of The Force Unleashed was meant to appear as well as possible on a high-definition monitor, the game’s visuals have deteriorated over the years. In terms of character models, stages, skyboxes, and even weapon effects, the Wii version was chosen for a current transfer instead of the PC version, which is surprising.

When it comes to replicating the life of a Sith warrior, The Force Unleashed does an excellent job of it. Slashing through hordes of Stormtroopers with Force Lightning is an exhilarating experience. Starkiller’s inability to focus the lightsaber on a single adversary owing to an unstable lock-on camera and sloppy movement makes one-on-one battle less exciting than in the previous films. There’s no escaping the fact that The Force Unleashed shares a platform with Jedi Academy, which is known for its spectacular lightsaber combat. The stages may have benefited from some platforming or puzzle elements, but the combat system quickly became tedious owing to the onslaught of foes. There are later enemies who require a large number of strikes to overcome, which diminishes the novelty of using a lightsaber in combat.

For The Force Unleashed, the main campaign lasts roughly 5-6 hours. A few goodies may be located, but many of them are hidden in the levels, making exploration difficult. Even while the two-player multiplayer mode in The Force Unleashed features a large variety of characters and may be played repeatedly, the lightsaber combat is far too primitive to allow for extended sessions of play.

Since there were very few Star Wars games that enabled you to play as a Sith in a canon story taking place alongside the movies, The Force Unleashed had an advantage when it was first released. At this point, The Force Unleashed is showing its age, especially when compared to the likes of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. At moments, you’ll feel as though you’re a fearsome Sith warrior, but the game doesn’t manage to retain that sensation, and you’ll soon find yourself dreading the task of wielding your lightsaber.

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