Some Typical Mistakes to Avoid to Ace the IELTS Exam

The quality of life, good education policy, and various job opportunities provided in English-speaking countries often attract millions of youngsters. They travel from different corners of the world to English-speaking countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK. But travelling to these countries to establish a career doesn’t only require finance. Instead, you need a heap of proof regarding your education, financial stability, English proficiency, and many other formalities. The bands you will score in the IELTS exam will be working as your proof of English proficiency. 

Know that thousands of candidates often miss their opportunity to travel even after having good financial stability. The prominent reason behind this is that they lack proficiency in English and don’t secure the required bands. Well, it is not only that they lack proficiency in the English language. But there are some typical mistakes as well that can refrain you from excelling in the IELTS exam.  This article will get you familiar with some typical mistakes that become a hindrance between you and your goal of an excellent IELTS score. 

Booking your IELTS exam date in haste to travel abroad is a very bad decision. You have to prepare in accordance with the requirements of the exam to get a good score. 

Get yourself familiar with the following typical mistakes and excellent tips to avoid them to ace the IELTS exam: 

Weak vocabulary

A good vocabulary is a very imperative attribute of a strong command of the English language. Yes, a person can’t be considered perfect in the English language, till he doesn’t maintain a stronghold over good vocabulary. Because besides leaving a good impression on the listener, a good vocabulary will assist you in expressing your message precisely. Remember, there is an approach to maintaining a stronghold over vocabulary. You can’t learn 100 words a day to ace the exam. Instead, learn 5 words daily and within three months you will have around 500 words in your mind with clarity. Also, note that referring to a dictionary with worldwide recognition in a paper format can be quite beneficial for you. 

Not implementing what you have learned

Well, learning English is all bout understanding the grammar rules and vocabulary. But you can’t gain proficiency till you don’t get an opportunity to apply what you have learned. You have to look for the opportunity that you can utilize to implement the grammar rules and vocabulary. For instance, conversating with your friends, creating examples, writing stories, translating songs, rewriting the articles in your own words, etc. are the finest opportunities to improve your English. 

Unequal attention to every section

You can’t expect to achieve excellent bands if you haven’t devoted equal time and effort to your exam preparations. Yes, you have to prepare effective strategies for each and every section of the IELTS exam. Also, don’t do the mistake of judging your listening ability on the basis of your efficiency in the reading ability. Remember, every section has different requirements and you have to know all these to prepare excellently. A lack of good performance in any section is definitely going to affect the overall score. Therefore, divide your study time in such a way that every section receives equal attention from you. 

Overlooking the importance of sample papers

In order to gain proficiency in the English language, many candidates focus on learning the grammar rules and vocabulary. It is worth appreciating but overlooking the importance of the sample papers is not worth appreciating. To gain proficiency in English, learning rules and vocabulary is imperative. But for acing the IELTS exam, solving the sample papers is also imperative. Therefore, do your best and solve a number of sample papers as much as you can to ace the IELTS exam. Regular practice on the sample papers will work miraculously for you. Get yourself apprised of the suitable IELTS/PTE exam dates from the official websites of the exam conducting body. 


Remember, even a minor mistake can lead a rocket to turn into an air disaster. Mistakes whether bigger or minor should be handled cautiously. And when it comes to the IELTS exam preparations then, mistakes can stop you from achieving your goal to settle abroad. But careful analysis and your ability to find the solution can help you avoid the mistakes that carry the capacity to ruin your preparations for the months. 

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