Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

So you broke the screen on your iPhone. Here is What to Do. The thing you know, your smartphone is falling to the ground as it was in your hand just a moment ago. Nearly in slow motion, it seems to be happening.

The layers of glass and plastic may occasionally hold up, but far too frequently, this situation results in a screen that is cracked or broken.

What to Do Immediately

You could have anything from a broken phone and display to a straightforward problem. Broken screens come in varying degrees of severity, from light scratches to spiderweb-like patterns with completely missing pieces of glass.

As long as the screen is still visible and functional, it will stay in place, cracks and all. As a result, you can at least continue to tweet.

If the phone is severely damaged, the best solution is to go to iphone screen repair south Auckland if the phone stops working completely. And if you can’t get it, back up your data as soon as possible, making sure all your important files, including photos, and documents, are saved elsewhere.

To work again. If it has already stopped operating, professional repair may be your best option. The solutions are listed below in descending order of professionalism.

Packing Tape

If you want to use a broken phone, make sure it is working. Although if you don’t want to take a chance on losing the glass or cutting your fingers, tape the screen down. With careful alignment and X-Acto knife trimming, it might resemble a real screen protector.

Protector for Screen

The packing tape repair has been upgraded with this screen protector. It guarantees that the screen’s edges are smooth and without seams. Sure, that might not be much of a concern given the web of cracks below.

Replace the Screen Yourself

You could change a phone screen on your own. we recommend iphone repair south Auckland. Here are some important things to bear in mind: Look into the price of the replacement screen before deciding to take this path.

The screens on today’s phones, which feature touch interaction and possibly biometric sensors, are expensive.

Investigate the warranty situation as well. If you’re the type of person who will attempt to repair a phone on your own, you probably aren’t too concerned about keeping your warranty intact.

Finally, unless you’re an expert in modern solid-state electronics repair, you’ll need to bring the special tools you need for the repair.

Call In a Pro

You could always take your cracked phone screen to the store for repair. Find your nearest Apple Store here if you own an iPhone, or you could try Apple’s new mail-in repairs program. Both Samsung and iPhones are supported by Best Buy.


Everyone has a choice between straightforward DIY fixes, independent repair facilities, and even manufacturer-sponsored mail-in programs. So, Even if the cracks spread like a spider’s web, a fixing solution is available.

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