Rover Mechanic Simulator A Simple and Relaxing Repair Simulator

In Rover Mechanic Simulator, produced by Pyramid Games S.A. and distributed by Ultimate Games S.A., players repair a variety of colonists’ rovers. In this simulation game, players are given a comprehensive introduction to each workstation and its possibilities. Similar to the Car Mechanic Simulator, the mechanics of this game are designed to be as authentic as possible, creating an immersive experience.

Before returning the rover to the colony, players must first disassemble it in order to locate and repair any damaged or broken parts. A Mars rover repair shop may appear dreary, but colonist demands may be both challenging and humorous. Only the oddly placed arcade games, such as Space Invaders, and the timed premium activities provide additional excitement. Sadly, once you’ve improved a few skills, the premium assignments get less difficult.

As players level up, they will use 3D printers, workbenches, and soldering tables to create new components or clean and repair existing ones. 3D printing is gradually becoming the primary tool required by gamers. Even the most complex sections, like as the mast, may be printed in a fraction of the time required to replace one or two pieces. There is no reason not to print sets rather than individual components, providing that no further resources are required. In some circumstances, players may be required to re-establish their resources, however the vast majority of work areas become obsolete early in the game.

Similar to Robot Squad Simulator X, the controls in Rover Mechanic Simulator are uncomfortable. There are occasions when it is impossible to install a rover due to a malfunctioning or rattling crane. Once the rover is placed on the table, players may begin working on it; however, the camera and cursor controls are inferior to those of the crane. Instead of following the topic, the camera follows the subject as it moves closer and closer until it gets uncomfortably close. Even with the sensitivity set to its maximum level, the pointer moves at a very slow rate. Those that accept premium assignments before they have the capacity to do so may find it difficult to complete repairs under these conditions.

Rover Mechanic Simulator is enjoyable despite its awful controls. Each assignment necessitates a different level of difficulty and quantity of resources. There are several available possibilities. First, there is a diverse selection of occupations, which contributes to the game’s suspense. After accomplishing fifty percent of the objectives, though, the game becomes tediously repetitious. Due to the limited number of available machines, it becomes difficult to differentiate between activities.

Mechanic Simulator is excessive due to its extended gameplay and upgrades that make it easier to repair items. After the first half of the game, there is little difficulty to be encountered. So long as players are content with the limits of the game’s gameplay mechanics and design, Rover Mechanic Simulator might be an entertaining way to unwind.

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