Questions You May Be Afraid To Ask About Dubai Desert Safari

On the amazing landscape of the UAE, Desert Safari stands exceptional with the exploration of cultural and adventurous things. Dubai desert safari is a planet-renowned place for its extensive series of adventure. The working experience is not just solacing, it is traditional also.


A lot of people come to this action-packed territory and come across frantic feelings of excitement, but some of them have confusing notions and perturbed questions in their heads. They want the solution of their queries that are kept popping up in their minds. We are here to make everything clear, so that you can go ahead for your trip confidently with out any perplexity.

What If People Get Lost In The Desert?

Most of the people think the vastness of the desert is to elephantine to engulf anything in it. If they get lost on the vast sandy landscape, it would not be possible for them to come back again. But the amateur guides are all time alert on the land, so it is not possible for you to get off-track.

What If The Vehicles Get Stuck In The Sand?

With the fear in the tourist’s mind, that if the car gets stuck in the massive sandy piles, their journey would be spoiled. They couldn’t derive the delight to its peak extent. Hence, the trained drivers are enough for them to wash this fear from their minds, because they know how to handle this bewildered situation. Rather standing in the vast land watching the way of car getting out of the sand is exciting.

How To Book The Desert Safari? Is It Trust-Worthy?

To some extent, most of the tourists have the apprehension, that how they can get the most reliable and satisfied safari tour. But if you have the reservation with the most renowned and certified company, you should get this fear out of your heart. Because these agencies have an oath of your safety and offer full-fledged tour with the package of enticements.

Will They Get Pick Up From Their Doorstep?

Yes! Of course. This fear is totally worthless. Don’t give it a place in your head. With the confirmation one day before the tour, you would definitely be picked up and after done all desert activities drop off to your destination.

Is There Similarity In All The Deserts?

Some people have this confusion that all desert safari are alike. Hence, the element of their attraction is lessened. If you select a safari, you would get the benefit of heart-throbbing activities. Every Desert Safari is different from the other, regarding its package and inclusions.

How Long Are The Tours?

Some tourists are worried about the time duration for their selected Dubai desert Safaris. They think what would happen, if they pay more and don’t get enough time to fun. But with the authentic companies there is not any difference in their verdict. They will provide you the exact time as they committed. In fact, sometimes you can get more hours as complementary. Because they are very hospitable and friendly. Morning and Evening Desert Safaris are comprised of 4-5 hours long, whereas Overnight Desert Safari consists of 12-14 hours.

Is Dune-Bashing Only For The Adventurers?

Some people have notion in their hearts, that only adrenaline junkies can enjoy the outrageous desert. As hey have enthusiasm of a free spirit. The old people with heart or joint problems are not recommended for the desert activities. So, if you are afraid of such hair-raising activities and are motion-sick to the sand, you can enjoy Camel Ride, Falcon watching, Camping at night, rather than the sand dunes bashing.

What If The Visitors Get Dehydrated?

The desert atmosphere is attributed with aridity and lack of water vapours in the air. But in spite of this, if you keep your body hydrated with water and juices while you are out in the desert. Your itinerary would be more successful.

Is There Any Specific Desert Safari Measurement?

Some visitors think there is a special dress code for the desert safari. Regarding this, a dilemma raises in their heads. While there isn’t any certain dress code. Only where breathable and comfortable clothes and shoes for an outstanding excursion.

Desert Safari Is Incomplete Without Dune Bashing?

Some people have confusing comments, that their excursion is not hilarious, because their vehicle hasn’t touched the sandy piles. It is not an adventurous safari in a real sense. But the reality behind this is that, operators avoid dune bashing sometimes, for the old retirees and kids in the vehicles. As there might be some injury to them during bushing up and down the sand.   Same is the case with pregnant ladies.

Is It A Room for Only Vegetarian Food or Have No Facility for the Non-Vegetarian Food?

Travellers are most conscious regarding their meal. They are afraid, if they couldn’t get the food according to their taste. Again, I must say, this fear is totally meaningless because you would find a variety of combination of both veg and non-veg dishes. You can enjoy the lively feast to the extent of your pursuit.

How Many People Would Adjust In Cabs?

Most tourists think, there is no limit to the number of people in SUV vehicles. As many people can join the car as they want. But it is totally wrong. Have confidence on your tour operators. You would have accommodation for limited people according to your selected package. The limit would not exceed to six.

For How Long Camels Would Trek?

Some visitors think that camel’s walk is only in circles and for a very short time period. But somehow, it is true. Because the true fact is that, camels can’t see in the dark. Their eyesight is as same as humans. So go for a long distance in the dark will afraid the camels and there would be risk of your life at danger.

Is There Any Age Limit For Kids?

Of course not. There isn’t any age restriction for kids. But if you have kids under 5, you must inform the operators of their secured seats in cars. Rather it’s better, to go in private cars with the kids.

Hope, now all your confusion and dreadful questions have vanished from your heads and you would prepare yourself for this executive Safari.

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