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Tonto National Forest
Through SR 87, Tonto National Forest is only a short distance east of Phoenix. The enormous Tonto Basin, which overlooks Theodore Roosevelt Lake and is encircled by mountain peaks on all sides, would be the drone pilots’ favourite location. Please be aware that drone flight is not permitted in the Four Peaks Wilderness and Superstition Wilderness, both of which are located in the Tonto National Forest.
In national forests, drone flights are permitted both for leisure and for business purposes—with the exception of wilderness areas and during active TFRs. Additionally, operators are encouraged to keep their drones at least 100 feet away from wildlife and to stay away from places like campgrounds, trailheads, and visitor centres that are sensitive to noise.
Site for Recreation at Butcher Jones
Another open area that drone enthusiasts adore is the Butcher Jones Recreation Site. Although Saguaro Lake is the main draw to this location, it is a component of the Tonto National Forest. The deep-rooted Mesquite trees and mountains that surround it make it the fourth reservoir on the Salt River. On your aerial photography excursions, you might even be fortunate enough to grab a shot of some wild horses.
Gilbert Regional Park
One of the nicest parks in the valley to fly your drone is this one. The city had a drone obstacle course in mind when the initial designs for this park were being created. The status of this is unknown, but it may still be in development.
In any case, there are lots of great things about this park. It is enormous and has a water park, ramadas, and many other amenities. Tennis, volleyball, and pickleball courts are also present in the park. A 7-acre pond that is stocked with a variety of fish is also located in the centre of the park.
This park offers everything. The main drawback, if there is one, is that due to the adjacent airport, you must have LAANC approval from the FAA in order to fly here.
The South of Ballfield Mountain View II Park
One of the nicest parks in Phoenix to fly a drone might simply be this one. The views of the adjacent North Mountain and the presence of other drone pilots make it worthwhile to visit. You can fly over a sizable desert area as well as sizable grass areas.
The City of Phoenix has classified this park as one of its drone-friendly parks.
Grover’s Basin
There is a road that divides this park in two. While the southern portion is a sizable empty area, the northern portion primarily consists of a dog park.
The City of Phoenix has recognised this park as being drone-friendly. Due to the neighbouring Deer Valley airport, you will require LAANC’s permission to fly here.
Lower Field in Desert Foothills Park
This serene park provides lots of areas for flying and is tucked adjacent to South Mountain. The topography of the park is a mix of grass and sand.
One of the eight parks the City of Phoenix has approved for drone use is this one.
AMA Field at Esteban Park
Downtown Phoenix is only a short drive from Esteban Park. A special Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) field is located in the northeastern part of the park’s grass fields for model pilots. It’s a big, open space where one may practise flying and hone their filmmaking abilities. Aerial drone photographers can capture some stunning city skyline shots from the park.
RC Flying Field of the Arizona Model Pilots Society
The Adobe Dam Recreation Area is home to the Flying Field of the Arizona Model Pilot Society (AMPS), which is situated north of Phoenix. It features a 600-foot runway and a sizable open area that is peppered with trees and desert brush. Despite the unappealing surroundings, the field is ideal for doing hours of flight training. Fixed-wing drones can easily be launched and landed in the roomy open area. you may also like to learn about how to earn money from amazon in pakistan
Regional Park Skyline
Skyline Regional Park in Buckeye is a magnificent 8,700-acre mountain park. The park has some easily accessible trails and is located in the southern White Tank Mountains. This is a well-liked, picturesque location for anyone who enjoys being outside, including drone enthusiasts. It’s a lovely location for flying for fun or taking pictures of the hilly terrain.
Coyote Basin
For novice drone operators, the proximity of the Loop 101 motorway to this tiny park may be a little unsettling. The abundance of unhindered space for takeoff and landing is a bonus. It is one of eight parks that the City of Phoenix has formally designated as drone-friendly.
To fly here, you must obtain FAA certification for LAANC. Additionally, you should be aware that this park is very close to the Deer Valley airport runway.
Thunderbird Conservation Park
Information on whether drones are allowed to take off and land in this area is ambiguous. On the City of Glendale website, we were unable to uncover any information about drones. In the absence of more parks where drones are allowed, the City of Glendale might be in violation of ARS 13-3729. Please use the “Edit Article” function to contact us if you have any information.
Outside of Phoenix, there is a sizable desert park called Thunderbird Conservation. It has a total area of about 1,185 acres and is teeming with biodiversity, including several bird, animal, and reptile species. From the peak, the valley views are stunning and varied. Drone operators who enjoy hiking and mountain biking can capture themselves against the stunning scenery utilising the Follow Me settings.
Dynamite Park
Homes line the perimeter of this park in North Phoenix. The park has a sizable grass field in the middle and is of average size. At peak times, it is fairly crowded and has a basketball and tennis court.
The City of Phoenix has designated this park as “drone-friendly.”
Desert Vista Park
While they are not allowed in the main Fountain Hills park, drones are allowed in this adjoining area. If you are in the region, this park is worth a visit because it includes large, open grassy spaces.
Werner’s Field
There are roughly four seating spots in this tiny park. The City of Phoenix has designated this park as a drone-friendly park despite the absence of bathrooms.
This can be a nice spot for you to practise flying your drone if you live nearby. To fly here, you must obtain FAA certification for LAANC.
Superstition Airpark
Mesa is home to the Academy of Model Aeronautics club known as Superstition Airpark. To use their amenities, you must be a member. They have a concrete runway that can accommodate fixed-wing drones.
The Park
This park has a lot of flat surfaces and is frequented by pilots of fixed-wing model aircraft. The park is close to the Loop 101 motorway and is comparatively tiny.
Scottsdale Ranch Park
There are multiple baseball fields and 21 tennis courts in this park. On the east side, there is a little pond as well.
Due to the nearby Scottsdale Airpark, this park’s only drawback is that you require FAA airspace approval in order to fly there. Fortunately, you can use LAANC to request clearance.
El Prado Park
The City of Phoenix has designated this park in South Phoenix as drone-friendly. There are wide grassy spaces where you can take off and land in this square park. Two baseball fields occupy a sizable portion of the park.
Unfortunately, because of the Class B airspace for the Sky Harbor airport, you can only fly at this park up to 100 feet above the ground. To fly here, you must obtain LAANC’s approval. also, learn about of keywords freelancing sites in pakistan

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