Joe Cianciotto Speaks on the Importance of Using Visual Communication

The use of digital media for every other mundane thing of our life, makes visual communication an inextricable part of it. For it is through the sight that individuals learn instantly and effectively. Understanding the need for the same Joe Cianciotto had acquired a degree in Visual communication from Carneige Mellon after which he served as the chief digital officer of New York’s DDB.

Visual communication in its simplest terms may be explained as the use of visual elements to communicate an information. The forms of visual communication that are prevalent include the GIFs that one uses on a daily basis on social media platforms, screenshots, infographics, pie charts slide deck presentations and the most common, videos.

Communication is not necessarily the most effective with the use of words. In fact there are areas when simple signs or images work more efficiently that long wordy sentences. For example, a construction is loaded with signs and labels. This helps make communication easy and devoid of confusion. Visual communication that lowers the chances of miscommunication increases the rate of effective communication.

Communication is the key to success in any industry and in any relation, therefore extra care and attention ought to be paid to it. Visual communication makes the work easier. When talking about one’s profession and the corporate world, being able to communicate the correct information in the least possible words, definitely puts one at an advantage over his contemporaries.

Working within a team is greatly aided with the inclusion of such visual communication tools and helps define the information clearly to the other team mates. Not only those who study the subject such as Joe Cianciotto but even common man would agree to the effectiveness of visual effects in communication.

Onboarding is a process that involves communicating a lot of information to the newbies to an office. Visual communication comes in very handy in this process. It saves time and a lot of energy for both the HR as well the newcomer. Narrated screencasts are extremely helpful in this regard, which guide the novice to use the company’s regular programs. An added advantage to this is in case the employee forgets a thing or two they can easily get back to these saved means of visual communication and refer to them. Animated GIFs which are fun and appealing can also be used for the training purpose.

After knowing the advantages of visual communication like Joe Cianciotto, it becomes even easier for one to incorporate it into the daily things which would otherwise would have been plain and boring text. Taking notes can feel to be rather cumbersome and exasperating, recording the event would make it way easier and more convenient. It helps eliminate chances of missing out on things.

Giving feedback for any purpose does not remain restricted to emails and the like which often takes away the importance of the information given. Visual communication comes as handy thing to both involved parties in this regard and assists in making rectifications better.

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