How to teach your kids Quran

It’s never too early to start Quran learning for kids by teaching your kids how to read the Quran, and the earlier you do, the better. While children may not yet be able to understand what they’re reading, learning how to read the Quran will help them memorize the meaning of the verses much more easily when they’re older. If you’re wondering how to teach your kids to read the Quran like a pro, here are some tips that can guide you on your journey.

Seek Knowledge from The Best

I can’t say it any better than our Prophet Muhammad did, who said: Seek knowledge from the cradle to grave. This means that you should seek knowledge (and, consequently, become more knowledgeable) all through your life. One of my favorite stories about seeking knowledge comes from an incident when Prophet Muhammad was being hosted by a Bedouin who asked for some food for his guest. In response, the Prophet asked if he had any dates and upon receiving a positive answer, he proceeded to ask if he had any leftover water after cooking them. When the man affirmed this as well, he requested for him to bring him the vessel containing the leftover water so that he could wash his hands before eating. The host then replied in astonishment and said I swear by Allah! You have just eaten one or two bites of these dates and yet you want me to get you some water so that you can wash your hands. The Prophet responded with these words: There is nothing wrong with washing both hands after eating two bites. In other words, don’t be satisfied with just knowing enough – there is always room for growth in knowledge.

Prepare Yourself for the Challenge

Studying Quran, or Tajweed, is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Muslim children grow up learning how to recite it from an early age, as these lessons are crucial in developing proper knowledge of Arabic. However, for non-Muslims trying to pick up lessons for themselves or their children, studying Tajweed can be a bit intimidating—where do you start?

Start Early

Every parent wants their child to succeed, and reading Quran is an important part of that success. To help your children become successful readers, it’s important to start early. Start reading Quran yourself as soon as you find out you’re expecting; even when they’re only one or two years old, children are capable of learning new languages. It’s never too early to start helping them learn Arabic! By the time they reach kindergarten, they should be at least able to recognize Arabic letters.

Get Ready To Listen, Listen & Listen

It’s important to get kids ready for Quran class by teaching them how to pay attention and be on time. Getting them familiar with listening by playing language-learning games and reading aloud books is also an effective way of strengthening their listening skills before starting Quran classes. As children learn Quran, they pick up not only language but also broader learning skills. This starts with understanding that everything has a structure and making sure they know what their responsibilities are in the classroom so that they can be prepared for what’s next.

Practice Makes Perfect

Start by reading through learning Quran for kids with your child every day. This will ensure that he or she gets used to hearing it. Then, find an expert Quran teacher who is willing to work with you and your child at home. The teacher can give feedback about how you and your child are doing, and help guide you towards better pronunciation. If you want to keep practicing on your own, try listening to Quran recitations online and download some of them onto your phone.

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