How To Avoid Falling Into Trap Of A Fake Visa Consultant? 

Canada has now become the top destination for international students to pursue their education abroad. Many international students are flocking every year to Canada to start their favorite courses. But at the same time, there are many immigration agencies popping up which have been created for the sole purpose of duping innocent children of their hard-earned money. These fraud visa consultants are leaving no opportunity to fool the students aspiring to move abroad. Since there are so many visa consultants all around it can be hard to verify the authenticity of a particular one. Moreover, these fraud visa consultants keep coming up with new tricks to fool students which is why it becomes hard to understand their way of working and catch them. 

Every year many students fall prey to fraud visa consultants. It is very important to stay away from these fraudulent visa consultants because they can ruin your whole dream, lakhs of money and time. You have to be very careful while selecting a visa consultant.  It is common to hear news about such consultants. But you need not worry. There are some essential tips that you need to keep in your mind so that you can avoid falling prey to such fraud visa consultants. We have written this article to help all those international students aspiring to move abroad. Make a wise choice while selecting the right Canada visa consultants.

This article has been penned down to make it easier for you to understand how to spot a fake visa consultant 

Check the registration

It is important to check the registration of your visa consultant. The majority of the authentic visa consultants are registered with ICCRC. You can enter the company’s name or the RCIC Number and check if the name of the visa consultant is there in the list. If your visa consultant’s name is not there on the  ICCRC website then it might be a fake consultant. So you should not avoid them. . Therefore the basic step to ensure that your visa consultant is authentic is to check their registration. Unregistered visa consultants are often responsible for duping several international students every year so be aware of them

Weird email address

A reputable visa consultant will never use a strange email address. We suggest you properly inspect the email address as opening a  fake email address can lead to a cyber attack on your system. These links can direct you to harmful websites which can steal your data and information. So you should be very careful while clicking on the email address of the visa consultant. Often the fraud consultants send emails to students to lure them, They put catchy and misleading information in their emails that can attract the attention of the students easily. So ignore any such mail and put it in the spam section. The address of authentic visa consultants will contain the link to their main domain.

Payment requests on WhatsApp

A reputable visa consultant is not going to request you to complete the payment process on apps like WhatsApp. The authentic visa consultant will use WhatsApp only for the purpose of communication with the clients. If you receive a payment link from a visa consultant on WhatsApp then you should ignore that. The payment process should be done through some authentic payment mode. The payment should be done through a secure online payment page of the website. So you should ignore any such link as it may be a trap to fool you. Moreover, these links can steal your personal information and data

So be aware before opening any of these links and ask your visa consultant to complete the payment through reliable methods which can serve as legal proof later on in case you take the matter to the court. You can take the help of the most reliable immigration consultants in Jalandhar  for a foolproof visa application process

Communication process

The way the visa consultant is handling things can provide you with a clue about whether they are authentic or not. A fraud visa consultant might not be able to suggest you complete information. Now you can have many doubts and queries regarding your visa application. A fraud visa consultant may not be able to provide you solution to your queries. He would just want to get payment from you. Now some of them might indulge in extremely sweet talks before getting the payment but once they receive the money they are going to ignore you and not really pay heed to your problems. So it is important to check the way the visa consultants are communicating with you. Also, check their website. Usually, these fraud visa consultants have fishy websites containing irrelevant content. You should compare the website of your visa consultant with another visa consultant so that you can get an idea of whether their website is authentic or not.

Wrapping it up

Many students become victims of fraudulent visa consultants each year. Avoiding these dishonest visa consultants is crucial. They have the potential to sabotage your entire dream, costing you thousands of dollars and a lot of time. Choosing a visa consultant requires utmost caution. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind so that you can avoid falling into the trap of a fraud visa consultant.

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