How the Weather Affects Paper and Cardboard in Packaging

Have you ever left the box up the sun for per week and noticed that it modified color? Or have you ever ever seen however your paper or cardboard is skinny once in touch with moisture? I’m certain most are in an exceedingly state of affairs wherever they receive a cardboard box that’s rainy or soaked and is barely united.

The reality is that paper and cardboard boxes square measure simply affected and square measure influenced by completely different climate. This custom rigid boxes wholesale impact isn’t exclusive for rain, however also can have effects in heat and humidness. once cardboard is in touch with a friendly atmosphere that permits wet and microorganism growth, there tends to be injury to the body and glue that unites the cardboard. This naturally affects however your packaging material is seen, felt, and the way robust it remains at a structural level.

This post can specialize in however paper and cardboard packaging is influenced by changes that occur in high humidness, cold and dry environments and direct exposure to the sun.

How humidness affects cardboard

The high humidness level causes internal humidness within the cardboard, and this encompasses a direct impact on the strength of the furrowed box like a mailer box or shipping carton.

Why this happened? as a result of wood fiber is employed in creating cardboard boxes, the natural body of wood to soak up wet once transpiration is maintained even on balance process chemicals and cardboard production. This makes the cardboard naturally able to absorb wet at a high level.

World humidness level map


From the map on top of, the very best humidness level within the space getting ready to a hotter water body. Regions like China, geographic area, and East AS square measure areas with high humidness levels, among others. this means a better water content within the air, touching additional cardboard structure. With a high-water content within the cardboard, not solely structural integrity is compromised however the power to dry paint and ink is reduced as a result of it will increase body once in touch with humidness.

Moisture is very important once considering packaging as a result of ideas like ratio (RH) and stacking power. humidness is comparatively completely different from normal humidness as a result of the number of humidness within the air is relative to what quantity naturally within the air. With five hundredth RH, cardboard stacking power born to eightieth of the initial. This makes summer the foremost tough to take care of packaging and shipping, as a result of humidness is that the highest at the instant. Usually, the answer employed by the majority to fight this humidness places the drier bag within the box to eliminate wet.

Production of packaging in high humidness


During the assembly method for the furrowed mailer box, there’s humidness from:

Printed ink

Glue from the substrate base to the corrugated cardboard

Finished (such as watery or laminated)

When the extent of humidness and humidness is high, this suggests that longer must be allotted to dry the furrowed box. With this method, glue or ink might not be utterly dry, which may cause cardboard material to seem dilatant, almost like however the sponge holds water and wet.

If you order custom bottle boxes packaging from suppliers throughout the year once the humidness level is higher, make certain to calculate many extra days within the production time to permit your box to dry properly.

How cold and dry weather affects cardboard

The next casing that has got to be thought-about is however cardboard reacts in cold and dry weather, opposite to hot and wet weather. In general, together with the rise in temperature, cardboard loss of compression and strength. On the opposite hand, the most concern with cardboard within the drier, a cooler climate is that the fabric itself is additional fragile and liable to cracks and tears on paper or cardboard.

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