How are we human genius, with the big brain and developed society, learning language?

The answer to the question is complicated, but we can tell you one thing directly: You don’t need to be very smart, especially talented or “good language” to learn language.

Now, learning our first language as a child is an achievement that is completely different from leaving to learn foreign languages ​​as an adult. But to really understand what is happening when we learn Pashto Language ​​as adults, it helps to understand not only how we naturally get our mother tongue, but also why language is unique to humans and everywhere in our society

Language Learning: Things that make us human?

You can argue that when you are learning language, you are the most human.

Language is something that we all share as human beings, and in addition to our luxurious thumb that is one of the core characteristics that makes us a little cooler than all other animals.

At present there are around seven thousand languages ​​used throughout the world, including sounds and grammar features that can be clearly foreign to many languages ​​that we know, but all languages ​​are almost the same -the same is more similar than contrast.

Starting with the most basic facts, every healthy human child who is exposed to any language everywhere in the world will always, always learn language. There was never a child who never took it, and there would be no.

Do not stop there: Did you know that children learn many linguistic structures in the exact same order throughout the world, regardless of their language?

The facts that language is universal in human society and that we all learn from Languages Tutor it in the same way are the two biggest evidence for universal grammar theory, one of the concepts that launched Mit Noam Chomsky’s linguistics become famous. Universal Grammar argues that humans are born with the ability of innate learning to learn language and that mechanisms that identify and interpret the most difficult grammar to the brain.

While there are many arguments (some more interesting and interesting than others) for interpretations that are different from human language, Chomsky’s theory is and has become a consensus that is almost consensus among linguists since the 1970s.

Apart from different thoughts about where it came from, most modern linguistics agreed that human language is basically a symbol system used to communicate. We use words like Apple, Pomme and λ فاحة as a symbol to direct our minds to delicious red fruits that actually do not have an inherent relationship with the words we say. This is just an apple or pomme or anything because we say it.

You can say that the capacity for symbolic thinking is what makes us human, allow us to use sound, images, letters, and other abstract representations of things or ideas that are not right in front of us When we go up to the smooth running in our first language or others, we learn how to use and understand these symbols to communicate with others and interact with the world around us. And that is important for how we think about how we learn language.

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