Sun. Mar 26th, 2023
Personal Loan

Here’s How to Find the Best Personal Loan for Your Financial Situation

A personal loan is a type of unsecured financing that helps you meet your funding needs for various purposes. Be it personal expenditures or business financing, a personal loan can fit just right. Most reputed lending institutions provide these loans against simple eligibility requirements. Also, with the advent of the fintech companies, you can avail quick loans through a personal loan app

A personal loan can come to your aid in many situations. Whether you need financing for a medical emergency or an urgent home repair, a big-ticket purchase or to manage your wedding expenses, to manage your existing debts or to improve your credit score, a personal loan can be your best bet. Since all these situations need unique financing, you must know how to choose the personal loan offer that will best suit your requirements.

For small ticket loans that you need urgently, an instant loan can be your best bet. You can avail an instant loan through a loan app, from anywhere, at any time and without going through the hassles of physical visits or verifications. However, if you need a high value personal loan for starting a business or renovating your home, then you can apply for a personal loan with a conventional lender. 

Read on to discover the financial hacks that will help you find the best personal loan for your financial situation.

Smart Ways to Find the Best Personal Loan for Your Financial Situation

  1. Identify your financing need 

To find the best personal loan for your situation, you need to identify your financial needs. Whether you need financing for medical emergency, education costs, wedding expenses, or lifestyle aspirations, understand your need is important.

Instant loans do not come with any end-use restrictions. But this does not mean that you can skip your loan planning and budgeting. You must analyse your expenses and make a budget. Depending on the budget you can either opt for a fintech company that offers small ticket loans instantly, up to 1.5 lakhs. For higher loan value, you can choose a conventional lender that offers loans of higher value to eligible candidates.

  1. Do your market research 

Another crucial aspect to consider when finding the best personal loan for your financial situation is to check its applicable rates and charges. Given that rate levy on these loans is based on various flexible factors, the final rates that lending institutions charge often varies from one financier to another.

Typically, these variations are in point percentages. However, their applicability to the total loan amount over the loan tenure can make a huge difference to the overall repayment liability of the borrower. It is thus crucial that you check the applicable rates from various lenders and compare them before choosing your lender. 

You must also check the levy of other fees and charges on these loans to find the total cost of your loan and determine the overall affordability accordingly. Presently, various loan apps in the market provide some of the most competitive rates on these advances that you can check out.

  1. Consider a loan with flexible repayment schedules

You must also check if the available loan options come with flexibility in their repayment schedules or not. Often when repaying a personal loan, the usual schedule of repaying in EMIs is followed. However, one can also choose from various prepayment options like part-prepayment or foreclosure to repay their personal loans affordably with a lump sum financing available.

When choosing a loan option, make sure to check these repayment options are available. Also, flexibility in tenure selection adds to the overall ease of repayment.

  1. Choose EMI affordability

When borrowing, you must check how much EMI you would end up paying towards your loan repayment every month. Use a loan EMI calculator that’s available on the loan app to assess affordability based on EMI selection. The best personal loan should be the one that comes with EMI affordability with the loan amount and tenure of your choice.

You can check your EMI affordability by visiting different lenders websites. You can further negotiate the interest rates and other fees with the lender if you fulfil all their eligibility requirements, and you have a very good credit score.


Today, the market is inundated with personal loan offers extended by banks, NBFCs and fintech companies. They all come with attractive offers and easy repayment options, especially for the eligible candidates. You can avail an instant loan within minutes through a loan app. This has made financing easier than ever, 

But before entering into a financial commitment you must think it through and weigh your options correctly. You must check these loan offers from different institutes, compare their terms, understand your needs and only then choose the one that best fits your need.

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