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When a video game takes care of to collapse an entire site when it obtains an update, there’s no denying its popularity. Friday Night Funkin’ is a free-to-play rhythm video game loaded with charm where a personality named Partner raps and also sings his means right into being able to day Girlfriend.


VS Tricky

VS Tricky is an extremely preferred mod that places the player up against Tricky the Clown from Chaos Battle. This incredibly well-shaped mod features great songs, in addition to distinct new computer animations. VS Tricky is most popular for its trouble that progressively increases over the mod’s period, offering a difficulty level that much surpasses anything presently discovered within the base video game of Friday Evening Funkin’.

While some might be hindered by the mod’s high trouble level, in between its music as well as aesthetic polish, out of each mod on this checklist, VS Tricky is one that feels one of the most like it can’ve been consisted of as main content of Friday Night Funkin’. It is available for download below.


Friday Night Funkin’ Minus

Minus focuses on the skins of the video game instead of trying to alter any one of the music in the video game. The main objective of the mod was to make the characters look more like their fight icons and it manages to do this flawlessly. This is an exceptional mod for those dipping their toes right into just how modding jobs and also for anybody that wants to offer their brand-new favored game an aesthetic overhaul. It is offered for download right here.


Monika Mod (Doki Doki Literary Works Club).

Just Monika. Just Monika. Just Monika. Wait, where were we once more? Oh right! This mod is inspired by among the most prominent aesthetic books of the last years– Doki Literary Works Club. Monika is recognized for her vocal singing in her very own title, so it makes good sense to see her in a musical battle against Partner in Friday Evening Funkin’.

The mod includes a new track called Secondary school Problem, as well as new possessions files to consist of Monika in the video game and also reskin Boyfriend to far better suit the pixel art the mod utilizes. It is offered for download below.


Friday Evening Funkin’ Silva Load.

Intend to rap against Luigi, Daft Punk, and also Big Chungus? The Silva Load adds in even more personalities than Partner can tremble a mic at with lots of being downright hilarious as choices to take on in the video game.

Minus the twerking Amongst United States astronaut that can change Sweetheart (no, we’re not making that up), the mod likewise includes a couple of remixes, new background art, and new tracks for tough as well as simple settings to particular tracks. It is readily available to download and install here.


Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Publics.

Prepare to be hit by knowledgeables– and we don’t suggest Holy bible verses! Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Public features a special story where Boyfriend and Sweetheart require to discover a restroom to use and also face a religious woman that wants to provide some serious raps. It features 4 brand-new tunes and full cutscenes which makes it a completely special experience in Friday Night Funkin’. It is available for download here.


Vs Whitty.

Given birth to after numerous demands by followers, the Vs Whitty mod includes an entirely brand-new week right into the game where Partner has to rap versus Whitty in a back ally. With brand new properties, brand-new songs, and also a severe trouble spike, this mod is one anyone needs to get that truly wants an obstacle out of the game.

It also adds a new input system similar to other rhythm games which fans of the style might enjoy. It is readily available for download right here.


Friday Night Funkin’ – Neo.

This mod entirely reimagines Friday Night Funkin’ in an advanced neon style. It features new art properties together with new tracks for players to play with while reaching see a distinct take on the personalities they have actually come to know and also enjoy from playing through the game originally. The mod is still in progress to add the final weeks of the game, but for those that want a very early look, it can be downloaded here.


Rapping Mario + Princess Peach As Sweetheart + Maro Beat Over Blammed.

This set is practically three mods separately, but when combined with each other they end up being something absolutely unique! The first mod is called Rapping Mario and includes a sprite for sweetheart based upon an old ad for Mario Pinball Land. The 2nd mod, Princess Peach As Sweetheart, does exactly as its name implies– it makes Partner appear like Princess Peach.

These two mods are adorable alone, however when combined with the Maro Beat Over Blammed mod, they become something really special. Slapjack’s trademark tune featuring sounds Mario makes in the video games fit completely worldwide of Friday Evening Funkin’ and also gamers make sure to appreciate it.

Rapping Mario is offered to download here, Princess Peach As Girlfriend is available to download below, as well as Maro Beat Over Blammed is offered to download and install below.


Friday Night Funkin’ – CG5 Version.

Charlie G. 5 (A.K.A CG5) is a vocalist, songwriter, as well as music producer made well-known on Youtube for his wacky songs concerning video games as well as various other unpopular subjects. This mod brings him to life in the game as a substitute to Dad Dearest while adding in three new tunes, two remixes, as well as background assets that match his one-of-a-kind sense of design. The mod is offered for download here.


Hatsune Miku Mod.

The Vocaloid feeling Hatsune Miku is familiar with the world of computer game, so it only makes good sense she would fit well right into the world of Friday Evening Funkin’. This mod includes four new tracks, a whole week specifically coded right into the video game, as well as brand-new vocals and tracks for Sweetheart to match its unique aesthetic. It is offered to download right here.


B-Side Remixes.

B-Side Remixes is commonly considered the best mod readily available for Friday Night Funkin’ around as well as what obtained most followers excited regarding the modding potential for the game. It changes personalities with special remixes of their songs to maintain the game fresh in addition to some recolored properties that make it work better with various other famous mods.

Considering that it’s essentially a second version of the video game, lots of fans are giving it a try as well as it’s tough to see its popularity dropping whenever soon with more assured updates on the way. The mod is offered for download right here.

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