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Last Fantasy XIV is just one of the fastest-growing MMOs of contemporary times. Either on its own advantage or by the downfall of its competitors. The game itself is a work of art, and also it’s simply getting better, however that doesn’t imply that what’s excellent can’t be also higher.


To Life Gshade Preset

Alive Gshade is among the best FFXIV mods around. It is just one of the most functional and wholesome presets of FFXIV due to the fact that it boosts the video game all at once as well as not simply one element or one more. It’s like falling in love as well as seeing the globe of Eorzea much more colorful, with better shading and increased depth of field. Just bear in mind this will certainly take a toll on your efficiency, so a beastly CPU is needed.


Advanced Fight Tracker

This mod is widely called DPS Meter, or ACT for short, and also this mod is the hardcore raider’s friend. It determines data in a boss fight like the DPS created, amount of healing done, damage saturated, etc. It’s extremely valuable to figure out if your job turning is appropriate. If not, just how to boost it and transform on your own right into a top-class raider.

However, pay heed that numerous gamers have actually been prohibited by using parsing damage tools. Rather than utilizing them or their individual renovation, they bugged various other players whose numbers were lower than the others.

Yet taking into consideration that FFLogs– a website that assembles and also places parsed information– highlights a number of streamers with an average of a hundred visitors using ACT like there’s nothing to it, the secret is to be an upstanding gamer and also not a jerk to your party members. That will stop you from being prohibited.


Product UI

Product UI is an add-on to make your FFXIV interface cleaner. It brings new job symbols, easy bars for each and every work gauge, a more attractive inventory screen, character, duty finder, as well as a number of other improvements. It also has coordinates for treasure map seekers built-in. Presently, only a dark motif is readily available.

This mob subtly modifies FFXIV, yet it’s such a wonderful modification that after you install it, you will certainly miss playing without it. After mounting this add-on, players declare that they had troubles adjusting to the game’s indigenous UI and really feel withdrawal without it. Install this wonder at your very own risk.


Fr4nsson’s FFXIV Config (FFC).

This one is not a mod. This is an angel in the style of a mod. Do you recognize just how tough it is to regularly switch in between jobs, seeing your actions list modification totally, as well as you neglect what every single one does? Fr4nsson recognized it. That’s why they made an add-on, or better, a config, that arranges the design as well as immediately assigns Job actions to warm bars according to their kind, impacts, as well as resemblances.

It also straightens various other windows like the setting of alliance members, debuff symbols, emphasis target, and numerous others. It’s both life and also timesaver.


Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea– Realism in Dream.

While Eyeworks adds HD structures to our Warriors’ eyes, Owl’s Eyes modifies them entirely. The author handcrafted each eye according to its race, sub-race, and sex in mind. To put it simply, it’s the outcome of the author’s extravagant imagination became art. And it’s charming!

If you want to maintain your initial eyes in HD, go to Eyeworks. If you prefer to change them entirely, get this one.


Lovely Eorzeans.

Wish to transform everybody in Eorzea into a worldwide well-known leading model? Ta-dah!

The mod change face appearances with brand-new, extra comprehensive and also premium ones. The important things is, you will certainly notice listed below there are others mods that does a similar enhancement, get you need to install them independently. I understand what you’re thinking. Why am I mosting likely to set up all the others if I can just install this one? Excellent inquiry. Consider it as a shortcut to mount simply one mod rather than a number of, but with a little bit much less quality.


Touch of Actual.

The objective of this add-on is to boost the functions of the male personalities, generally the vanilla face structures that have been in the game for a very long time. Like the majority of aesthetic mods here, it’s excellent to give a sense of uniqueness to the game as well as highlight the attributes of the our marvelous pieces.

Tell me if that Au Ra’s horns aren’t a lot more polished as well as sharper than in the past?


Touch of Genuine Women.

Touch of Actual Women jobs exactly like the one above. I indicate, not specifically; otherwise, there would be no factor to add it right here. As opposed to improving the appearances of male characters, it’s the female characters that will obtain a remodeling and exhibits an impressive skin tone.


Moogle Maps.

Lower your alt-tab quantity when you are beast searching or prize searching with this mod. Moogle Maps is just one of the FFXIV attachments that show your map with zone pursues and note the prize maps location.

The only downside at the moment is that Moogle Maps does not track A Realm Reborn areas, however that’s something the writer will with any luck add on future updates.


Chat Grey Box Cleaner.

This mod is simples as it sounds. Do you recognize that grey box overlay under the conversation classifications? This add-on removes it, making the chatbox fancier and also stylish. The mod gives you two options to pick from.

In an MMO, the chatbox is one of the locations you will certainly look at the most, or at the very least you should, particularly when a person is teaching you the auto mechanics of a boss.



Flicker optimization and also V-Sync stutter repair.

Man, have a look at that nasty grass in the background. Ugly, isn’t it? Well, in case you intend to hire an electronic gardener, Flicker optimization is your go-to. This mod minimizes or eliminates flickering brought on by yard and other terrain information.

Definitely an add-on for the most requiring amongst you. But for it to be most effective, your graphics setups need to be on Ultra. And you will require a premium CPU to manage it.


Hair Defined.

Or, if you do not want to use hats, why not go to the beauty parlor and also moisturize your hair? Hair specified is among FF14 mods which allows you save the globe while looking great. This add-on will process more than 1000 structures, upscaling and also improving the base graphics.

The pack consists of improvements for all races and some key NPCs, mainly the Successors. For eared races, they even include an Ear Specified in the mod. Vieras and Hrothgar are lastly getting awarded after being failed to remember by the designers.


Face Defined.

And also if your hair is going to get unique treatment, there’s absolutely nothing like applying some make-up to your face also. Face specified works the same way as hair defined, yet as opposed to improving your locks, it enhances, as you may have thought, the face. All races, genders, as well as clans consisted of. Before these FFXIV beauty mods, A Warrior of Light had never been so well cared for.



Modders truly like to beautify the personality, don’t they? Eyeworks offer an HD texture pack for the eyes due to the fact that they are the entrance and also course to one’s soul. The add-on includes specular, normal, as well as catchlight alternatives, with a total amount of 150 choices.

Unlike one more mod pointed out over, this one only boosts existing eye textures as well as does not change them. The serpent-like eyes are astonishing with this add-on installed.

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