Feel Dubai in a completely new way- take a traditional cruise ship

Dubai is famous for many things, and one of those things is his dhow cruise ship. Dhow Cruise Over the years, people have come out exploring the beautiful waters of Dubai on one of these traditional ships. But how does Dhow shipping work? And why is it so popular among local residents and tourists? The answer lies in this comprehensive guide for Dubai’s Dhow Cruise Experience.

What’s that

Located by Dubai Creek, Dhow shipping allows you to approach and personally with aspects of traditional life in Dubai. This is because Dhow has been used for years to transport people and goods through these waters, making it an integral part of life here. And now, thank you to yachtchartering.ae, you can also do it.

Why take it

Dhow Cruise is an ideal introduction for Dubai culture and history, as well as one of its most spectacular views. Captain shows landmarks and historical buildings, while giving you insight into the culture of the Emirates. Some interesting sites include: Beach, Burj Al Arab (one -7 Star Hotel), Palm Island (the largest man -made island in the world), Atlantis Hotel and World Islands.

Where can you go?

The initial route will feature two main destinations: Jumeirah Beach and Burj Al Arab, with an optional third dismissal at Palm Jumeirah. Passengers can enjoy up to 30 minutes at each destination, and can return to the Dubai mainland if they want. There will be one Dhow for every 10 passengers so that no more than 100 people can join anytime.

Who should take it?

With a water taxi, luxurious cruise ships and Katamaran around, it is easy to see why many tourists spend all trips between land and sea. And while in or near the water might make you feel like you really experience everything that Dubai offers, it can also be repeated quickly. That’s where Dhow Cruises came to play.

Things that need to be known before taking it

You will choose more than 30 restaurants, cafes and bars that you can visit after you go up, as well as special rooms for a daytime, bathing in the sun and playing beach volleyball. The boat is not so you don’t need to worry too hot during the trip. There will also be a swimming pool on the ship for those who want to cool themselves when it is too hot.

Tips for experiencing dubai in dhow

Don’t forget to take your swimsuit. Marina Dhow Cruise Hovering along and chilling in the deck, under the starry sky, when you float on the water that is illuminated by a sparkling lamp line coating the beach. Stop at one of the beautiful Dubai islands to enjoy dinner or just watch dolphins. With authentic Arabic cuisine, such as grilled fish and hummus, including with your tickets, you can experience true Arabic hospitality.

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