We’ll talk about another well-known tyre maker, Dunlop, today. Dunlop is different from the bulk of other tyre companies in terms of ownership. The brand is owned and controlled by many companies all around the world. Goodyear manages the brand throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Dunlop India Ltd., as well as Continental and Sumitomo Rubber Industries, are in charge of managing the brand in India. Despite the peculiar ownership, Dunlop tyres are the gold standard for performance and quality worldwide.

Their prices merely increase their renown. In contrast to other tyre manufacturers, Dunlop continues to be viewed as a cheap alternative despite providing good performance and quality. Additionally, the tyres are easily accessible all around the world. How? Due to the unique ownership structure, Dunlop may keep an official presence in practically every country. For instance, much of North America and Europe can buy Dunlop tyres via the official Goodyear website. You may get them from Continental and Sumitomo stores abroad. Enough about the owner, though.

Let’s look at what justifies the price of this brand.


The true worth of a brand must be assessed in relation to its technological prowess. So let’s talk about some of Dunlop’s cutting-edge technology right now.

Noise Shield

Imagine driving when the passenger area of your car is constantly creating noise. That noise is coming from the tyres. Don’t you feel uneasy about that? Of course, it does. Because of this, tyre manufacturers all around the world are focusing on finding ways to reduce this noise. The “Noise Shield” technology created by Dunlop can reduce tyre noise by up to 50%! This will make driving you more comfortable than before. Its best quality is that it doesn’t impair the tire’s performance. You might be interested in knowing how Dunlop made this happen. To do this, a layer of high-tech polyurethane foam is applied to the inner surface of the tyre.

Multi Blade System

If you’re travelling in chilly weather, you need tyres that provide maximum traction. If not, your car can skid and run into something. To combat it, Dunlop has created the Multi Blade System. Each blade is designed to handle various winter driving conditions (wet, snow, icy). The most traction is subsequently given to you by this.

Specific Bead Seat System (SBSS)

The tyre and the rim are connected. The enhancement of this relationship by the SBSS gives the driver the most control over the vehicle. The key benefits are increased precision and steadiness.

Maximum Flange Shield (MFS)

Imagine taking a sharp curve and ending up on the curb. Accidental wheel damage from a kerb was the result. Everyone despises that, right? Additionally, alloy wheel repairs are more expensive and complicated. This problem has been brought up by Dunlop to the MFS. Rubber contours along the tyre’s circle give further rim protection. It may not look particularly imaginative, but it gets the job done, and that is what we most need.

Silica-plus Compound

If you drive a sports car or a high-end car, you need high-performance tyres. In this case, silica and rubber are employed together. At high speeds, it offers improved stability, steering response, and traction.


Another sign that Dunlop is a reliable supplier of tyres is the fact that the company manufactures original equipment tyres. The company manufactures tyres for prestigious automakers like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Jaguar, and Renault. It is hardly unexpected that Dunlop has produced tyres for the Porsche 911 GT3 and GT2 RS.


Among the best Dunlop tyres are:

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