Do a body scan when you feel stressed or anxious.

When you feel stressed or anxious, try a body scan. This can help you focus on your breathing and clear your mind of negative thoughts. Here’s how to do it:

Focus on your breathing: Take anger management near me three long, slow breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth; then let each exhale release all tension from your chest and shoulders. Repeat this for two minutes or until you feel calmer

  • Focus on your feet: Tell yourself that no matter what happens today, even if it doesn’t go according to plan or someone says something rude about them (or themselves), they will walk away feeling better than when they came into work today because they know how strong their feet are! And so should we all be able to say that too … right?

Bring a journal with you, so you can write out your worries and then put them aside until later.

A journal is a great way to get your worries out of your head. You can write down what you’re worried about, and then put it aside until later. Then, when you come back to it, you can decide if it really is a problem or not! If so, then take action on whatever steps are necessary to help solve the problem—and make sure those actions don’t cause any more stress for yourself either!

Another benefit of keeping a journal is that writing things down helps us process them better than just thinking about them over and over again in our heads. This makes sense because when we write something down instead of thinking about it all day long (or night), there’s less chance that we’ll forget what was written down later on when trying to recall some details from earlier in life.”

Practice self-compassion.

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You can use CBT strategies to take better care of yourself when you feel anxious or stressed!

CBT is a type of therapy that helps you to change the way you agape family service think. It’s also a valuable tool to help manage stress and anxiety. CBT can help you take better care of yourself by teaching you how to relax, meditate, breathe more deeply and focus on the positives in your life rather than focusing on what isn’t working out for you at the moment – which could lead directly into feeling anxious or stressed (which is why it’s so important). You’ll be able to see progress as time goes on because with each session there are new strategies that have been taught which will help lead toward positive changes in behavior over time.


And there you have it: a list of ways to treat anxiety and stress. You might not do all at once, but keep in mind that the more you try different strategies, the more likely they are to work for you. Keep an open mind, listen to your body during stressful moments and stay focused on what’s actually going on in your life rather than worrying about some future event that could never happen anyway; then soon enough, your anxiety will begin to decrease naturally as well!

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