Use the Candle-A Pretty Gift

Use the Candle-A Pretty Gift .A candle can refresh the mood  in a room or especially when you are in a quiet place, alone or with a special person. There are too many different colors and designs of candles and you can choose a candle as a gift on someone’s birthday and many other occasions .So, choose the candle for a gift that has a heart-touching aroma and color. Now there are different types of candles available on marts. 

In the 19th century, people use candles only for lightning purposes. At that time, they have no idea, how to use as a gift? They do not know how to make moments special with the help of candles. But now in every part of the world, people use it for celebrating special occasions. 

 How candles make the different occasions special

Without candles some occasions are incomplete;

1: For birthday parties;

At the birthday parties, the candles play a key role. It was the tradition to put the candles on the cake. So, the candles on the cake represent the glow of the moon. Hence, many scholars said that the tradition of the candle started in Germany, on a birthday party, they put the candle on the cake and said, it represents the light of life. Most people use the three candles for the present, past, and future.

2:On the Christmas

In every religion of the people uses the candles for different purpose. So, the  people from any cast, whether it belongs to a poor family or rich, use the candle for celebrating the most special occasions. On 25th December, the most special day, on this day, people celebrate Christmas. On the occasion of Christmas, People use to put the seven candles on the cake and they associate with the seven days in a week.  Hence, they associate the light of candles with the light of God, specifically, the light for Christ. 

3: On the Marriage Ceremonies;

At the marriage ceremony, the light of the candle is the symbol of exchanging vows with each other and spending their life with each other. At most marriage ceremonies, they use a single candle. Hence, they believe that only a single flame of a candle represents that the marriage is the joining of two persons and they want to spend their life together not individually.

 4: For Candle light Dinner:

Candles are so special, for making some relations most special and romantic. So, candle light dinner is a most special dinner that will be celebrated with a family, friend, or with life partner. Some people enjoy their candle light dinner in the hotels. Hotels are decorated with different styles. Specifically candle light dinners, they use candles. On every table, there is a candle that will provide a glorious look. Hence, It will provide an eye-appealing moment. Candles everywhere provide a peaceful moment, and people can forget all their problems. So, the fragrance of the candles spread all around, will give immense pleasure. Most people can celebrate their candle light dinner in their homes.  Hence, candles create a loveable and romantic environment. Candles make everything special and increase the taste of the meal. 

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