With the help of advanced technology, companies are reaching new heights. In the traditional methods of taking attendance, it was a difficult task to maintain track of employees. In this pandemic period, it is the authority’s primary responsibility to keep employee safety in mind. With the technology innovation, many organizations are now using touchless attendance systems. This not only keeps the employees safe, but it also helps the company in many ways.

If you have any questions in your mind regarding the benefits of the touchless attendance system, then you can go through the following points. The following points will briefly give you an understanding of the benefits of the touch-less attendance system. 

Why is the touchless attendance system beneficial?   

  • The safest method:

Any organization does not need to take personal information from an employee to track their attendance. All they need to take is the biometric data, which can be fingerprints, the lens of the eye, or even, in some cases, the shape of the face. It is beneficial for the company because they do not need to maintain a large amount of information. On the other hand, this is also beneficial for the employee because they do not have to stand in a long line to sign in the attendance book and signing takes more time in comparison to other touchless attendance systems. In addition to that, the biometric system of attendance can not be easily altered by any third person. Hence, the attendance of the employee can be detected efficiently without any problems. 

  • Accurate information:

In the manual process of taking attendance, many times the organization faces problems because, in many situations, the employee forgets to put their signature during the time of entering, or many times the employee signs in the wrong place. All of these situations can cause issues when it comes to attendance counting. But this situation will not arise if an organization maintains a touchless attendance system because the fingerprints, lenses of the eye, or face shape of every person are unique, so no employee can mistakenly give the attendance in the name of another. Apart from that, whenever an employee enters by putting their attendance into the time and attendance software, the time at which the employee arrives automatically gets recorded. 

  • Prevent any non-employee from entering the company’s premises:

One of the major benefits of touchless attendance is that if the authorities of the company do not want the employee to enter a certain part of the company’s premises, then they can put the touchless attendance system at the entrance so that the only person who matches the biometric criteria will be allowed to enter. This touchless attendance system also helps the organization to recognize who is their actual employee. It also protects the premises from dangerous situations because any random person with a bad intention will not be able to enter the premises. 


The touchless attendance system also helps the company keep track of the number of hours an employee has worked for the company. This is very beneficial for the employer during the time of calculating the wedges of the employee. Apart from employee attendance, there is also a visitor management system. This system helps to keep track of the visitors so that the company can keep track of the visitors.  


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