Are you doing enough to stop churn in your gym?

Being a gym owner or manager can be one of the most rewarding and frustrating careers. It can sometimes feel that you can’t even catch your breath between everything that you need to do across the facilities, staff and gym members. 

As busy as things get, you should always remember that nothing is more important than keeping your gym goers happy. The health of your gym depends on the “health” of your members. You want them to be attending the gym regularly as well as renewing their memberships. If you can’t keep your gym members satisfied, your dream of running a gym will rapidly turn into a nightmare. We’ve compiled a few top tips about how you can keep members happy and engaged and reduce churn. Use one or all, you need to find the combination that works best for you. 

1. Plan a large number of events.

Building a strong, connected network of supporters can be one of the most effective ways to increase member retention. There’s no doubt that your retention rate will increase if you attract more people to your gym for the social component as well as the workouts.

One of the best ways to develop a great community is to host one-time and recurring events. Think about hosting things like Christmas parties, reading clubs, sporting events and competitions. You could even branch out to things like seminars, outreach programmes or even a cheeky happy hour. The gym is a great space for all kinds of events, letting you get creative with what you want to do. 

The more opportunities that you provide for people to build a social network in addition to working out, the longer they are likely to stick around. 

2. Make gym life easy with an app

Even more than their computers, people live on their mobile phones these days. It’s where they expect to interact and to get things done. It can be a huge benefit for you and your members to have a gym mobile app. This is something that can easily boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

The good news is that you don’t need to sink tons of cash into developing your own. There are third-party solutions now available that allow you to brand something as your own. It’s important to choose the right one though. You want a single app that allows members to register or check in for classes, record their workouts as well as possibly purchase gym products. 

It should also work for you by giving you good insights into your member’s profiles.  If you discover that your current software isn’t helping your company grow, you may want to look for a new solution. here is a good place to start. 

3. All members track and smash their goals

A great way to provide value to your members is to show how you are making a meaningful difference in their lives. You should assist them in setting goals and then tracking their progress against these. You can do this manually, or through the use of an app like the one we mentioned above. 

You could take physical measurements such as fat percentage, weight, heart rate, etc. Or you may just want to take pictures regularly to help them display their improvement. 

If you’re assisting them with a regular training plan and then showing them how they succeed, members will definitely be less inclined to go somewhere else for their health and fitness needs. 

Remember that any measurement programme should be intentional and focussed on being good for the client. You may need to change and re-evaluate goals as time goes on. 

4. Make an impact in your members lives

Beyond running a gym, an essential question for any business owner is “Am I providing value to my clients?” If you want to distinguish yourself from your competition – and we know how competitive the health and fitness industry is – you need to do things that make an impact in your members lives. 

We’ve already discussed things like community events, but there is so much more you can also be doing. Think about having a weekly blog providing advice and interesting articles or daily workout videos on social media. You could even start a podcast or assist clients with diets and nutrition with weekly meal plans. 

All these options will allow you to be more than just a workout space for members. They can help you play an essential role in their lifestyle. 

5. Keep the premises spic and span

It may be the last on the list, but we hope it’s the first thing that you’re doing. Your members should never have to deal with unclean floors or equipment or broken machines. 

Nothing will erode confidence in your gym faster than if gym goers are confronted by a grim and grotty scene when they walk through the door. It sends a message that you don’t care. And if you don’t care about your own business, you’re certainly not going to care about the people that use it. 

Show your members that you care by keeping things to the highest level of cleanliness. 

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