10 Reasons to begin Learning the sacred writing with Tajweed nowadays

Learning the sacred writing with Tajweed was one thing I perpetually thought would be too tough to try and do. It’s one thing that solely extremely gifted individuals may learn, right? I couldn’t are a lot of wrong regarding it! finding out the Qur’an isn’t presupposed to be tough or boring – it’s presupposed to be associate degree exciting and fulfilling journey that you just anticipate to each day as you learn a lot of and a lot of of the sacred writing! Understanding the Quran Here square measure ten reasons why I encourage everybody to begin learning the Quran with Tajweed today!

1) The sacred writing was memorized before it had been written

Back in those days, there have been no written books or computers—or even copies. individuals had to learn entire chapters. In fact, a number of those old memorizers square measure still alive nowadays, in their 80s and 90s. Memorizing may be a key facet of spiritual education for Muslims (especially for children) and it’s not one thing that has modified since then. however times have modified, and there’s no reason why you can’t return to basics by taking a web tajweed course. Here square measure ten reasons why you must begin finding out currently

2) however did they memorize?

Before you’ll be able to even have confidence learning tajweed, it’s vital to raise yourself a vital question: however did they learn it within the 1st place? several Muslims place confidence in rote learning memorisation, inquiring pages and pages of text till it’s engrained in their brain. this can be associate degree old-school approach of learning. But, if you wish a a lot of economical means that of memorizing (that doesn’t mean dynamic  your faith or lifestyle), then strive our app! we offer a web tajweed course that teaches the way to United States of Americae our product likewise as permits for active what you learn beside daily reminders from us on the way to improve your recitation.

3) What if I don’t apprehend Arabic?

A lot of individuals say, however I don’t apprehend Arabic! that’s okay as a result of you’ll be able to learn while not knowing Arabic too. once you take a course in the way to scan and recite The Holy sacred writing, you’re taking a web tajweed course likewise as a web sacred writing course. And there square measure heaps of advantages from both! In different words, doing a web tajweed category is learning the way to scan and recite The Holy sacred writing AND doing a web sacred writing category.

4) What square measure of these strange marks?

Reading Arabic will be discouraging. The script is totally different, and it looks like you have got an entire new set of vocabulary words to be told. Plus, you’ll conjointly got to apprehend some special rules of pronunciation (called tajweed) so as to recite properly. And if that weren’t enough, there square measure rules regarding once you will and can’t scan sure letters out loud! however don’t worry: memorizing these rules solely takes observe and once you get into a rhythm, reading the sacred writing are easier than speaking your language. Here square measure 10 reasons why you must begin nowadays

5) Is there associate degree App that may facilitate me?

Apps square measure an excellent thanks to access an entire heap of data promptly. From Maps, that get you from purpose A to purpose B, to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter that connect individuals everywhere the world; apps enable United States of America convenient and fast access to a lot of info that we tend to wouldn’t be ready to have otherwise. There square measure many extremely helpful apps out there for lecturers, together with those designed for academic uses. Quran Memorization One nice example is Athenian Earth—it’s associate degree app designed for lecturers by lecturers, and it makes coming up with category assignments as simple as attainable.

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